Monday, April 30, 2007

Mahogany Farm Escapade

The Mahogany Farm is a secret place in Pampanga, a retreat house in the middle of a mahogany forest.

We had a delicious buffet lunch under the shade of the trees. The tanigue we bought from Farmers' market earlier was lightly fried with butter and became an instant favorite dish. The sashimi was good but most of the guests were apparently not a fan of the Japanese dish ;-) Tatay and Nanay simply enjoyed the company of their classmates and friends.

Swimming time! After a lunch, it was swimming time. Again, thank God for the trees for protecting us against sunburn.
Tricia regainged her confidence in swimming. She explores the pool with her kickboard and sometimes releases the kickboard to practice her strokes. You really don't have to push her to learn. She learns at her own pace. It was the same case when she learned how to ride a bicycle. She asked to remove the trainer wheels after she gained confidence.

Meet Wesley. The kid is only 4 years old but he has smart wits and has a charming personality. The eyeglasses give him the adorable Harry Potter look. The kid is very lovable. I hope he grows up to be a fine gentleman.

Have you seen an Igorot house? It was brought from the Ifugao province. Beside the stairs are two carabao skulls with horns and ancient gongs. It's kinda creepy inside with the anitos.

Good times!

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